Its name is Terragon: a land beyond mortal reckoning. Since the Lightless invaded the Elder Realm, we knew escape to another plane was our only hope for survival.

But this new world proved to be more hostile than anyone believed, and differing strategies led to the fracture of society into three unique, visually distinct, but ultimately perfectly balanced rival factions.

Unified Sovereign Homelands

Resourceful. Militant. Dutiful. The USH looks to lead the free world of Terragon with good old know-how and anti-personnel munitions.

Signature weapon: infantry saber with voyantic frangible edge.

The Geminar Adjudicancy

Proud. Resourceful. Pride. In the new world of Terragon, the small nation-state of Geminar has flourished above a vast cache of geomantic deposits.

Signature weapon: gem-encrusted rocket fist.

The Cleftward Rim

Cunning. Resourceful. Ranged. Light on their feet and lighter on feelings. Living by their wits alone, the only family any good Rimsman keeps are the cold hard twin brothers of gunmetal and currency.

Signature weapon: long-range voyance-guided flechette thrower.

The Lightless

From behind the infinite itself, the Lightless came in great rolling waves, pretty much every day. Nothing could have prepared us, and even less is known about these invaders. One thing is for certain *** allen they’re saying i gotta power down. ZERO direction on this so write whatever bullshit you want here before it goes live monday ***