HIERARCH Announces Partnership With Levelcap Keyboard Peripherals

HIERARCH® is proud to announce the first sponsor of the HIERARCH® League of Professional Gamers: Levelcap Precision Keyboard Nubs.

Since 1993 and 2011, Levelcap has been the world’s leading in-keyboard pointing stick manufacturer. Now they’re bringing decades of on-screen cursor position management know-how to the forefront of competitive gaming.

“The biggest mistake was adding more buttons to a gaming mouse,” says Levelcap CEO Kurt Forpes. “A mouse just can’t compete with a keyboard. Top-tier HIERARCH® players will want to get both hands on a Levelcap keyboard for the ultimate home-court — and home-row — advantage.”

With dual fingersticks above the F and J keys, your hands never need to move — saving you critical seconds when it counts. And, switching between bound hotkeys and typing in chat is as simple as pressing Levelcap’s Dynamic Hold-To-Talk Floor Pedal.

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