Imagine a fully-realized, truly infinite world where anything is possible, and danger lies around every corner. Play your way with no compromises.

procedural npcs and emergent quests

With other MMOs, new content only arrives when they release an expansion. HIERARCH® will certainly have expansion packs — but HIERARCH® already does something no other game does.

Every living thing you encounter in the game, from wildlife to NPCs, takes full advantage of Reactal XM®’s TrueEmergence™ system. Each of them has preferences, relationships, needs and objectives that change with their surroundings and circumstances.

If a town is cutoff from supply lines by war or natural disaster, the individual NPCs living there will make decisions on how to get what they need. They may post a bounty, seek help by the roadside, or if they’re desperate enough, take the law into their own hands.

TrueEmergence™ also lets NPCs find other NPCs with similar goals, leading to the formation of emergent factions and allegiances. You may come across a guild of thieves, or vigilantes, or traders, all with unique, world-appropriate names and hierarchies.

Go to work for them — or hire them to work for you. Buy and sell goods to unionized farmers. Infiltrate a group of extortionists and rescue a worried uncle’s kidnapped nephew. Patronize a brothel of sentient wolves. It’s all possible in HIERARCH®.

uncompromised REAL-TIME mechanics

Forget 5v5.

No other game can do what we do. Experience a vibrant world in 4K graphics with no FPS limits, and participate in battles with literally hundreds of other players in real-time, thanks to HIERARCH®‘s hyperlocal nested instancing technology.


HIERARCH® gives you total freedom to play your way — not just “one of six different ways” like other “hero shooters.” That’s shit. That’s fucking bullshit.

At launch HIERARCH® will feature twelve unique playable classes (based on our class champions), with hundreds of offense, defense, and cosmetic customization options each — and plans to release a new fully realized and balanced class every 30 days.

Click here to take a closer look at the class champions we’ve made public so far.

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