Behind-The-Scenes at Hierarch

Hierarchists! We’ve teamed up with new YouTube channel Chainsawsuit Games to take you inside the birth canal of HIERARCH®: CALL OF THE VOYANCER™.

In this exclusive video, meet our visionary Chief Visionary Officer and Lead Designer Kris Straub, production head Michael Neuman (sp?) and see for yourself what drives the passion behind this groundbreaking next-next-gen game experience.

Changelogs for Build v0.4.51

Build v0.4.51 addresses various quality-of-life issues for players.


  • Exiting game should no longer cause catastrophic hard drive failure
  • Fixed terrain generation issue where environment screamed when shot
  • Isle of the Quantum Veil: NPCs should keep their clothes on now
  • Lowered sniper rifle damage so it is no longer possible to kill another player through a planet
  • Changed star generation algorithm to lower number of constellations that resemble cusswords
  • Removed flashing “you are almost dead” screen that appeared when health was below or equal to 100%
  • Added to banlist of unsuitable player names: “Count Ejacula”
  • Delver’s Shoal: NPC Mikh Thrampolt no longer a truther


“A Techmage’s Dilemma”

  • Added dialogue to make it clear that detonating the orphanage is a win condition due to the orphanage’s business practices
  • Changed thrustwick succubi damage type from “sloughing” to “venereal”
  • Cogmaster Prower now drops Human Meat Chunks instead of Bat Meat Filets


  • Rolled back NPC assassination of Volvar, Eternal God of Power


When my humble little GoFundMe to create a video game hit its goal of $1.6 million, I knew my dreams were worth dreaming. But when it ended thirty days later at $3.7 million, I became aware that reality was worth realizing.

This is the beginning of an adventure — an adventure for you, for me, for thousands of backers, and for one Korean investor specifically. It’s a place we’ve all imagined without ever knowing its name. It’s a story we’ve told ourselves without daring to dream it could come true. It’s a song, forgotten by time, brought back to life by believers the world over, and one Korean investor.

This is Hierarch®: Call of the Voyancer™. Welcome. On January 1st, 2018, we will all heed the call.*

* not indicative of actual release date

Application Form Developer

Chainsawsuit Interactive is seeking a web developer familiar with tools that allow users to submit an application form via a website. Our “Apply Now” button has been broken for a long time, and I’m pretty sure it happened right around when we fired Garrett.


  • High level of proficiency with submission of documents (PDF, .doc, etc) via web portals
  • Not Garrett or friends with Garrett