Changelogs for Build v0.4.51

Build v0.4.51 addresses various quality-of-life issues for players.


  • Exiting game should no longer cause catastrophic hard drive failure
  • Fixed terrain generation issue where environment screamed when shot
  • Isle of the Quantum Veil: NPCs should keep their clothes on now
  • Lowered sniper rifle damage so it is no longer possible to kill another player through a planet
  • Changed star generation algorithm to lower number of constellations that resemble cusswords
  • Removed flashing “you are almost dead” screen that appeared when health was below or equal to 100%
  • Added to banlist of unsuitable player names: “Count Ejacula”
  • Delver’s Shoal: NPC Mikh Thrampolt no longer a truther


“A Techmage’s Dilemma”

  • Added dialogue to make it clear that detonating the orphanage is a win condition due to the orphanage’s business practices
  • Changed thrustwick succubi damage type from “sloughing” to “venereal”
  • Cogmaster Prower now drops Human Meat Chunks instead of Bat Meat Filets


  • Rolled back NPC assassination of Volvar, Eternal God of Power